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"MEASURES OF SUCCESS will help you tame the firehose of data flooding your organization, turning it into an orderly stream of information you can use to improve your business. Mark Graban steps through the process of collecting and analyzing the kind of data you focus on... If you’re navigating a tough business environment, you need this book."

Daniel H. Pink

Author of "WHEN" and "DRIVE"

Eric Ries

Author of "The Lean Startup" and "The Startup Way"

"By combining a range of case studies and stories across industries, including many from his own personal experience, with detailed, clear explanations of what Process Behavior Charts are and why they're so effective for managing data, Mark Graban has written a readable, informative book to guide any leader who wants to help an organization achieve true and lasting success. Improvement has been made easier thanks to his work.”
"Too often, organizations waste time and energy responding to short-term fluctuations in performance that do not reflect sustained trends. Measures of Success provides leaders with a blueprint for separating signal from noise, and focusing resources on lasting improvement."

Zeynep Ton

Adjunct associate professor at MIT Sloan School of Management, Author of The Good Jobs Strategy

The data-driven decision-making techniques in this book will stop you from confusing activity with progress and—finally—get things done.

Quint Studer

Founder, Studer Community Institute

[Mark] shows us precisely how to avoid the data interpretation traps that can lead us astray in our attempts to improve our systems.

Matthew E. May

Author, "The Elegant Solution" and "Winning the Brain Game"

Mark has produced an excellent book to help improvement professionals and leaders alike gain clarity about how their processes are actually performing to drive more relevant improvement. Bravo!

Karen Martin

President, TKMG, Inc., Author of books including "Clarity First" and "The Outstanding Organization"

Mark Graban’s Measures of Success offers an engaging and practical guide... an essential addition to any Lean or Six Sigma learning library.

Jon Miller

Partner, Gemba Academy

Mark's book brings much-needed clarity to this important topic and will be invaluable to anyone seeking to make sustainable improvements to their processes.

Harvey Leach

Principal Consultant, The Consultancy Company, Oxford, England

Be a better leader by distinguishing what is noise from what is important. This book outlines in understandable terms the complex world of performance measurement.

Dr. John Toussaint

Executive Chairman and CEO, Catalysis

Mark Graban taught the KaiNexus team how to understand the story a metric is actually telling over time. We've saved time by not overanalyzing every up and down in our metrics — and that’s valuable time we now put to better use.

Dr. Greg Jacobson

CEO and Co-Founder, KaiNexus

...everyone who is exposed to business data of any type needs to read this book.

Donald J. Wheeler

Author, "Understanding Variation"

"Mark has hit another home run with this work. Measures of Success is the book that everyone who is serious about improvement needs to read."

Dan Markovitz

Founder, Markovitz Consulting, Author of "A Factory of One" and "Building the Fit Organization"

I’ve long thought the world would be a better place if everyone took a statistics class; but this book is much better (and shorter)! 

Craig Deao, MHA

Managing Director, Speaker, Author, Studer Group, a Huron Solution