When I do a “Measures of Success” workshop, I ask for feedback in the form of a survey.

My goals are that attendees will feel comfortable with going back into their workplace and:

  • Creating Process Behavior Charts
  • Using Process Behavior Charts

I also ask “What next steps will you take to practice with intention based on what you learned in the workshop?”

Some selected responses from recent workshops:

  • Begin using Process Behavior Charts at every opportunity. This will increase my understanding and capability to share with others.
  • I’m going to build Process Behavior Charts accompanied with the why and vision for future state.
  • Plot no-show data to determine if there was an improvement.
  • Having three of my key staff on board with me helps ensure we can “just start!” in their specific areas.
  • Introduce this to the rest of my group and look at opportunities to use Process Behavior Charts.
  • Use this when deep diving data for quarterly reports… have a better idea of actual signals.
  • Reflecting on our internal and public reporting.
  • I’m going to start using this on Monday. The “show, don’t tell” approach will rule here.
  • As we are just starting “measure” projects, I will use Process Behavior Charts wherever possible.
  • Take a systemic approach and not panic when outliers are present.
  • Make the shift from run charts to Process Behavior Charts. Educate leaders about noise vs. signal.
  • Present more data in Process Behavior Chart format and explain benefits to leadership.
  • Look at key metrics and pull together Process Behavior Charts so that we’re not always reacting to the data.
  • Move data to Process Behavior Charts in addition to the current way of showing data to get viewers familiar with benefits of seeing data this way. Make all data meaningful.
  • Use more Process Behavior Charts.
  • Change the run charts I track to Process Behavior Charts.
  • I plan to change my current basic Excel graphs to Process Behavior Charts.
  • Incorporate more into background for A3s and for project prep and baseline data.
  • Create better charts and redesign current charts being used.
  • I’m going to meet with the manager in my group who works with our analysis. We’re going to look at using Process Behavior Charts for plotting key projects.
  • Build Process Behavior Charts.
  • Will create Process Behavior Charts for metrics to work through transition and explain to leaders with the help for departments to start creating or interpreting their own.
  • I’m going to provide leadership with additional Process Behavior Charts and show them the benefit of using these in the appropriate areas. I feel like I have a better understanding of these charts and how to educate those I am presenting data to during meetings.
  • Going back to compare existing p-charts, u-charts to x-charts. Move some quarterly periods to monthly. Start using the 3 rules instead of the ~8 now being used. Got some reading material!
  • Begin “evangelizing” the concept with leadership and begin creating Process Behavior Charts with a data set or two.